Hino Group

Company Introduction:

Hino Travel Group established in 2006, and its headquarter is in Nottingham, the capital of East Midland of England. Hino Travel Ltd. is registered in England and it is the largest travel operator in East Midland area. (Reg no: 7335842). Hino Travel Ltd. aims at developing delicate tour routes in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Egypt and Europe. It is the first travel operator which offer high-standard and leisure travel service to Chinese students, scholars and Chinese business travelers in UK. The mission of Hino Travel Ltd. is “Global Service; Faithful Promise”. On the basis of travel service, Hino Travel has explored new services including international business trip, student summer and winter camp, international air ticket selling, hotel booking, visa application, meeting arrangement and oversea leader training, etc. Under the circumstance of frequent communication of Sino-UK business and culture, Hino Travel acts a role as bridge and link in the communication of Chinese and British governments. Hino Travel is the main organizer of the third and forth China-UK Business Plan Competition. Hino Travel organized Sino-Britain Summit in China Oversea Student 2008. In 2009, Hino Travel got involved in several Sino-Britain communication activities in Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shenyang and other cities in China. In order to better develop Chinese market, Hino Travel Group established branch in Harbin, Heilongjiang Hino International Travel Ltd. (Reg no: 230103100255703), which is authorized specially by Heilongjiang Tourist Bureau. The business of Heilongjiang Hino International Travel Ltd. mainly covers in the Northeast China (Heilongjiang Province, Jilin Province, Liaoning Province and Neimenggu Province). Hino Travel has played an important role in the economical and cultural communication between Northeast China and East Midland of England, which has reached the mutual benefit and development of these two areas. In the following years, Hino Travel is planned to establish offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hongkong in order to explore the UK and Europe tour route to different areas in China. It aims to offer the best service with favorable price of UK and Europe tours to Chinese people.


1. Tickets representative and district representatives:
Candidate requirements:
Enthusiastic in tourism and marketing development.
Good communication with people
Responsible, creative and hard-working.
Working location and time: working time is flexible, home based working is allowed, no influence to daily life and study.
Salary: 6-50 pounds/ticket commission fee, average monthly salary is between 300-500 pounds, excellent representatives can get 800-1000 pounds commission fee every month.

2. Tour guide (English and Mandarin speaking), driver and tour guide:
Candidate requirement: bachelor’s degree or above (part-time acceptable). Enthusiastic in tourist, active, well-organized, responsible, smart and good in expression
Working time: weekends in most of the time, no influence to daily life and study.
Salary: Trainee tour leader: 30-50 pounds, tour guide of one day trip: 50-70 pounds/day; tour guide of multiple days trip: 70/100 pounds/day; experienced tour guide may get 120-160 pounds/day.

Phone: 01159881662
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